OSETRUS is the name that unites people devoted to breeding sturgeon and producing the most exquisite and valuable delicacy in the world – caviar. We are professionals with broad knowledge, deep experience and great love to what we do.


Our mission and ideology is simple - quality over quantity. We work not over volume, but over grade of our caviar. We are making the product that meets all demands and impresses chefs, gourmets, foodies and connoisseurs. 



Caviar just cannot be average. It is a delicacy recognized and respected all over the world. Caviar market is one of, if not the most exacting of all existing food markets. Knowing that, we do not take chances and provide flawless, accomplished product of the highest international standards. 


For us caviar is not business, it is a tradition, heritage. Breeding ossetra sturgeon and working with ossetra caviar has always been Russian craft and important part of culture. We combine well-kept, centuries-old secrets and modern technologies to achieve perfection in our work and the final product excellence.


Irresponsibility and acquisitiveness of poachers in the pursuit of caviar had almost wiped out wild sturgeon. Now it is a Red Book species. We consider sustaining sturgeon population as a duty of all caviar producers. That is why our sturgeon is born and raised in conditions of aquaculture. Not a single wild fish suffers during the production of OSETRUS caviar.