The farm is located near the mountains of Drama region of Greece. The name comes from an ancient Greek settlement Dyrama of Hydrama, meaning “rich in water”. This part of East Macedonia has an elevation of 115 meters over the sea level and is remarkable by its ecology. At the moment Greek government chose Drama to develop ecotourism due to the rich local natural environment. There are no modern facilities and factories, economy of the region is mainly agricultural. 


Water that we use comes from the springs and flows through 27 pools at the rate of 1200 liters per second. Our water is one of the biggest assets we have. Its temperature is stable and stays between 16 and 18 C all year. Part of it is taken by local villages for drinking purposes without any additional filtration by virtue of its’ startling purity. These factors make Drama a perfect place for OSETRUS Aquaculture.


Our farm has a processing plant built under all European Union regulations and fully equipped for extraction of roe, preparing caviar and packing it. Anti-bacterial lamps, full compliance with sanitary conditions and technologies and profound knowledge of the process provide the highest-class caviar as a result. 



The farm was built in the distant year of 1973 for breeding of rainbow trout. For many years, it had served this purpose the owners wanted to test, how would sturgeon feel in the farm water. First specimen adapted perfectly to the conditions and it was decided to rebuild the aquaculture for breeding this fish. After the reconstruction works were finished, fertilized roe was imported from Russia. After years of hard work and 24/7 control fish has finally matured enough to give proper volume of caviar.


After many examinations and tests OSETRUS aquaculture has received all necessary certificates and permissions, including one of CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) 


  • since 1973
  • 170 tons of fish
  • 27 pools of 50 meters
  • ecologically clean region
  • water flow of 1200 liters per second
  • water temperature 16-18 C all year round
  • clean, drinking-quality water from natural springs
  • CITES export permission