OSETRUS caviar has outstanding taste qualities due to several factors:


Our aquaculture is located in an ecologically clean region next to the mountains. Fish grows in pure, running, drinking-quality water from natural springs. The springs are in the immediate vicinity to the aquaculture. Water does not travel through any populated areas and flows straight to our pools, fresh and pristine. 


We are making caviar malossol, which comes from Russian “light-salted”. Historically, only the best roe was cooked using this technique. Adding too much salt can compromise the taste and texture. We blend salt and roe in a special proportion that preserves the product, but saves its original, outstanding taste and does not corrupt the springy texture of eggs, letting them pop in your mouth and making the tasting process astonishing and unforgettable.


Water is not the only factor that influences the taste of caviar. Nutrition also has a dramatic significance. We regularly feed our sturgeon with anchovy, mussels and other natural products of Aegean sea. Another treat our fish eats regularly are the snails that naturally live near and in the pools. Ration of our sturgeon is as close to natural as it gets. That lets accumulate a deep, dense and rich flavor of caviar extracted from wild sturgeon.