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Fresh caviar without CONSERVANTS!

Express delivery directly from farm!

10% discount for first order

Caviar is delivered by TNT express in special thermal containers with cold accumulators, which ensures its freshness and taste.

We offer only fresh caviar that had been collected no more than five days prior, although frequently you will receive the package within a mere two to three-day span.

The aquafarm has all authorising permits to allow caviar exportation not only throughout Europe, but also the rest of the world. All products are fully certified.

Why choose us?

Russian sturgeon

Russian sturgeon

Russian sturgeon! We have very tasty fresh caviar!



Aquaculture! Our fish grows in clean spring water!



Ecology! We feed fish with natural food!



Malossol! Only caviar and a small amount of salt without preservatives!

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The food product is dietary, rich in proteins, vitamins A, E, D and other organic compounds. This complex of nutrients ensures the normal development of the body, skin cells and the normalization of blood pressure. The content of mineral substances is much higher than in fish meat. Significant amounts contain phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, selenium, as well as zinc, iron and iodine, omega-3, fatty acids and other trace elements

According to our technology - caviar is packaged immediately after preparation, it does not contain preservatives and does not undergo heat treatments, therefore its shelf life in a home refrigerator in a closed jar is 7 days, and in open form - no more than two days!

- We make caviar without preservatives and heat treatment!

- Over 45 years of experience in fish farming

- The purest drinking water and natural food give caviar a delicious and unique taste!

- Our Caviar lacks a specific fish or marsh smell, it is distinguished by a delicate flavor, highly valued for its beneficial properties.