OSETRUS is a brand that has brought together a group of dedicated professionals united by unique experience and love of their craft – cultivating sturgeon and producing caviar, world’s most exquisite delicacy.

In caviar production, growing quality is superior to growing volume. OSETRUS’ explicit objective is the highest quality of its product satisfying the most refined palates of gourmets around the world.


In its natural habitat, sturgeon was nearly driven to extinction due to irresponsible and rapacious poaching. It is incumbent upon all caviar producers to sustain the population of wild sturgeon, and that’s why our fish is hatched and grown in the tradition of aquaculture.

All the caviar varieties of the Russian sturgeon represented on our website ( originate from the fish grown at the aquafarm located in the village of Kefalari in Drama region of Greece. The village is situated in the foothills of a mountain, where sources of the purest fresh water were known since antiquity. All fish are raised in this running water, which allows us to recreate natural conditions required for sturgeon’s development. The fish receive all necessary microelements and quality nutriments. The farm is not too distant from the Aegean Sea, and fresh-caught European anchovy and mussels used in feed impart our caviar taste specificity indistinguishable from that of its wild-raised counterpart. The caviar is harvested exclusively via a slaughtering method, strictly in accordance with the tradition passed down generations. Artificial preservatives, such as Varex, LIV, borax, etc., are not part of caviar production here: only fine grain salt is being added. The result is the authentic flavour of the genuine Russian sturgeon caviar!

The aquafarm has all authorising permits to allow caviar exportation not only throughout Europe, but also the rest of the world. All products are fully certified.

The farm production has passed certification, health and quality controls at the birthplace of the Russian sturgeon as well.

Each caviar lot passes a mandatory veterinary control check. Certifying documents accompany the lot, copies are retained at our office. A certificate of compliance is issued with each customer’s order along with a receipt and shipping list.


- founded in 1973
- over 180 metric tons of fish stock
- twenty-seven 50x3m pools
- fish egg incubator
- ecologically pristine area
- water flow rate of 1200 litres per second
- year-round water temperature of 16-18°C
- pure potable water from natural sources
- import license from the Russian State Agricultural Board
- export license from CITES